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Basic Obedience



  • 4 private, one-hour classes
  • Trained on 5 Basic Commands (come, sit, place, down, heel)
  • Dog will perform all 5 commands outside, off-leash, & w/ distractions
  • Great option for an involved owner

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Save $125

2-Wk Board & Train



  • Dog is Boarded for 14 Days w/ Certified Trainer
  • Total of 6 Commands (come, sit, place, heel, down, and down from a distance)
  • Dog will perform commands outside, off-leash and with multiple distractions!
  • Daily photo and video updates
  • THOUSANDS of Before/After Videos
  • Unlimited refresher training sessions for life
  • 100% Guarantee

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Save $600

Basic & Advanced



  • 8 one-hour classes
  • Trained on 5 Basic Commands (come, sit, place, down, heel)
  • 4 Advanced Obedience Commands
  • Great option for an involved owner

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Save $150

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Because our booking calendars can fill up quickly, we have to limit the number of spots we can sell at these prices. If you’d like to enjoy these savings, PLEASE purchase early so you are able to get into our schedule!


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Happy Clients!

Read What Just A Few Of Our THOUSANDS Of Happy Customers Have To Say

Sara S. | Verified Facebook Review

“Amazing experience. Robert was awesome and kept us well informed during Cinder’s two week stay. Although we missed her so much, Robert sent us pictures and videos to help ease our sad hearts. We are so pleased with Cinders behavior and all that she learned. We are also so happy that she is still the same sweet and loving dog as before- My kids were fearful that she would stop being so loving after the training. She is just better behaved and more fun to take on walks now. No more barking at people or other animals on our walks. Best decision we ever made!!!!!”

Allison J. | Verified Facebook Review

“Highly recommend Off Leash K9 Training Board and Train program. Highly, highly recommend Sam as a trainer! I am amazed at how calm my dog can be and just how much easier life has become now that he focuses on me and not everything around him. It was scary to send my 9 month old puppy off to live with a stranger, but with daily videos and constant communication I never worried once. Now when I replay the training videos, my dog hears Sam’s voice and comes running to find him. Best decision I could have made for my dog!”

Gina K. | Verified Facebook Review

“My boyfriend and I are so thankful for Off Leash K9! Tiffany took on our crazy 2-year old pitbull mix, Milo, and turned him into an obedient, well respected, happy-loving dog! Milo was awful walking on leash, aggressive toward other dogs, jumped on new people full of excitment – we really had no control of his actions and at a loss of what to do. Our life consisted of quick walks, a lot of “No, Milo” and always being on edge when new people came around. But now, we have no worries at all! I can confidently walk Milo without fear of him pulling me down or getting loose, let friends and family meet him calmly without any jumping, he 100% listens to basic commands, I let him out in my backyard without a leash and I know he will come right back. Life is better for us and Milo! Thank you so much, Tiffany and the Fredericksburg team!”

Liz A. | Verified Facebook Review

“Kelsey was wonderful! I wasn’t sure what to expect, but she talked me through everything and sent me daily updates on how my 9 month pointer was doing. The best part is she didn’t give me a robot at the end of the two weeks; my pointer is still her goofy self but now she has manners and I know how to work with her. We love going exploring through the woods and playing fetch behind the house. It’s such a relief to know I can take off my dog’s leash, and both she and I still feel confident and can have a fun time.”

Stanley P. | Verified Facebook Review

“I can’t recommend OLK9 enough! Kelsey worked with my lab mix for 2 weeks, and he’s still the same dog with much more confidence and restraint. We’re able to go for walks without me having to worry about getting pulled off my feet, and he knows exactly what I’m asking of him. It’s just as much about training the owner as it is about training the dog, and I’m so impressed with the care they provided for Brody while he was with them. Anything that came up I was made immediately aware, and he was happy as a clam when I picked him up. I can’t say enough great things!”

Teresa G. | Verified Facebook Review

“A good friend highly recommended Tiffany to train our 7 month old Cardigan Welsh Corgi, Ava. We signed her up for 2 week Board and Train and are very happy with the results. Ava walks beautifulily on the leash and behaves off the leash. She pays much more attention to us and is much more fun to take places. Tiffany did an great job and shared Ava’s progress everyday. She also did a wonderful job training us to continue Ava’s training. Thanks Tiffany and Off Leash K9 Training! Stan and Leslie Pryor”

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